From data to insights in just a few hours

The Astrolabe Cytometry Platform is a cloud-based solution for single-cell data analysis. Astrolabe is unique with its emphasis on bioinformatics; it's like having a computational biologist do the heavy lifting for you!

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Delivering Biological Insights


Astrolabe harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services to provide you with fast results wherever you are in the world.


We combine state-of-the-art learning with literature-based analytics. Delve into individual sample data or find statistically-supported insights with our composite experiment tools.


Single-cell analysis is delivered to you with familiar visualizations, enabling you to easily find relevant data insights.

Antibody Staining Data Set

Astrolabe Diagnostics is the engine behind the Antibody Staining Data Set, a comprehensive screen performed by the Mount Sinai HIMC, that establishes the expression of 326 surface markers across all major circulating immune subsets at single-cell resolution. 

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